Haddon estate

April 26, 2011

Spring at Home Farm apiary

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It was Easter Monday and a gloriously warm, sunny morning at Haddon Home Farm.  Beekeeper-in-training Jayne is still suffering from lack of sleep after lending a much needed hand to April’s full on lambing, but summoned enough energy to help Dave, the experienced apiarist, open the Haddon hive for the first time this year!  Plenty of bees had been observed busily flying around in the recent warm weather.  What would the hive reveal after one of the longest, coldest winters for many years……..?

Well, Jayne and Dave report lots of activity in the hive and stores of food were good from the abundant nectar on the Haddon Estate, BUT there was no queen, just a few capped drone cells and no eggs! 

However, all is not lost!  Two capped queen cells were spotted.  All fingers are now crossed that a new queen will hatch within the next few days and that she’ll be very productive……… watch this space for news of the upcoming coronation!