Haddon estate



The Estate is blessed with an extraordinary biodiversity of habitat which we treasure and nurture, and has been managed by my family for nearly 1000 years. We have rivers, woods, meadows, wetlands, hedges, farmland, orchards, and gardens in this beautiful landscape of the White Peak area of the Peak District. This land harbours wonderful flora and fauna and Estate makes its wellbeing a fundamental priority; and actively promotes good management of land for the benefit of Nature.

Native British Bluebells under threat from invasive Spanish variety. The Natural History Museum provides excellent information on the threat from the Spanish Bluebell and advice on what we can do about it.

A Bumble Bee collecting pollen in Bowling Green garden, just above Haddon Hall. 


Larvae of a Rusty Tussock (Vapourer) moth. Found in the Haddon Hall garden.